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Make your use of Zoom and Zoom Webinar for online learning program in Moodle easier, more effective and efficient, saving time, money and energy!


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Advanced Scheduler Module

Never copy and paste a web conferencing link again:

  • As an admin for many courses - Scheduling on behalf of other teachers

  • Schedule single or multiple session with a few button clicks 

  • Set multiple time zones 

  • Secure unique links- We do not use personal meeting room links


Secure Office Hour Module

No more lobby waiting or asking students to leave...

Our office hour scheduler allows students and teachers to meet anyplace and anytime on any device they have nearby

  • For students- Chose a specific designated time, subject and question to ask the teacher.  

  • For teachers- See which students have scheduled an office hour meeting with you, and what they want to ask about.

  • Secure and private links- no need to share a PMR and lock the room or ask students to leave. No issues with FERPA or students entering by mistake into another students session.

Recording and Attendance Modules

No more excuses to not see a recorded class ...

  • Manage recordings and attendance records

  • Auto access to recordings and attendance records

  • Students will have easy, auto and constant access to the recordings

  • No need to spend valuable time searching for or copying and pasting links of recordings

  • CSV download to organize accurate attendance records

Personal Calendar Module

Integrate with the personal calendar of your choice

  • Gmail, Outlook and other personal calendar integration

  • Can see ones schedule even if not connected to the MEETS LMS integration platform


​​Email Reminder System

Never miss a class again...

  • Personalized email reminders- ​​get reminded when classes are scheduled, cancelled, changed, etc

Usage data and analytics

CirQlive provides usage data and analytics to better understand how your campus’ Zoom platform is being used within your campus LMS


Some of the analytics includes...

  • number of scheduled events

  • log-ins per user

  • number of times a course is downloaded or viewed

  • number of past and future events scheduled and joined

  • and more...


These insights can better inform campus administration for decision making about utilization, professional development, IT expenditures, etc, and ultimately can help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of online learning programs.


CirQlive is a SaaS application

CirQlive provides dedicated support to get you up and running quick

No local installation is needed to get MEETS up and running because it is a SaaS application using the LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) standards. Configuration is simple, short, and straightforward. Faculty immediately benefit from the platform integration. The platform also works well with most SSO applications.

Secure web-conferencing management from within your LMS

For more information, please see our updated security document at



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