Sponsored EDUCAUSE ELI Session: Help Create Different Student Interactions with an Online Platform

No matter how college classes are offered—online, through web conferencing or face-to-face—professors know that creating and sustaining robust discussion is vital to students understanding and engagement. At CirQlive, we specialize in helping universities make these conversations happen across multiple platforms. That’s why we’re so interested to hear what this team from New York University, including Chief Instructional Technology Officer Ben Maddox and Vice Provost William Shirky, is creating. The session will be at the EDUCAUSE ELI (@EDUCAUSELI) conference in Anaheim on Feb. 20 and will include discussion about the university’s platform allows instructors to choose different modes of student interaction for each assignment.

Our platform makes the connection between web-conferencing and the LMS seamless so that busy-work doesn’t get in the way of interaction. So, in a way CirQlive is reaching toward the same goal as NYU – giving students the best opportunity to learn in the best environment possible.



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