Cisco Webex Teams

Integration for LMSs

Cisco Webex Teams for Education

Utilized by leading online learning programs globally, CirQlive MEETS provides a comprehensive integration and management platform for web conferencing services with Learning Management Systems.

CirQlive MEETS now includes Webex Teams Sync, which efficiently creates Webex Teams spaces for LMS courses. Further, CirQlive MEETS manages the enrollment of both students and teachers into Webex Teams spaces based upon the LMS class roster, making the setup of Webex Teams spaces seamless and effortless.

CirQlive's solution was created by educators, and its feature set was created in conjunction with listening to feature requests from many of its customers’ teachers, students, and administrators describing what they need to run a proper online education platform efficiently.

Built for education, MEETS assures institutions' compliance with FERPA, and adheres to the highest security and privacy standards.

Support for Cisco Webex services

MEETS integrates all Webex conferencing services with the LMS, including:

  • Cisco Webex Meetings

  • Cisco Webex Trainings

  • Cisco Webex Events

  • Cisco Webex Teams

  • Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR)

CirQlive participates in the Webex Gold Developers Program and is part of the Solutions Partner Program.

CirQlive MEETS has met the Cisco IVT test criteria for interoperability with Cisco Webex.

CirQlive MEETS is available in the Webex Meetings App Hub and in the Cisco Marketplace.

Support for LMSs

MEETS connects to LMSs using the Learning Tools Interoperability™ (LTI™) standard.


Additionally, using its unique integration architecture, MEETS is now available for corporate LMSs, Talent Management Systems (TMSs) and Human Resources (HR) Management Software as well .

MEETS is a SaaS application and no local installation is required. The configuration process is simple, short and straightforward.

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